Why work for Chelgrave

Why work for Chelgrave

Safety Focused

Chelgrave employees all work under the knowledge that their health and safety is taken seriously. It starts at the application stage, where we analyze your details and individual health requirements. It sounds obvious, but we understand that It’s no good placing an asthmatic in a dusty environment, or someone unsuitable into a role requiring heavy lifting.

Careful analysis of our client’s safety systems, in conjunction with a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), are both completed before you are sent on assignment. At induction, (Chelgrave and clients), attention is given to ensure you are trained on safety matters, environmental considerations and factors including harassment and discrimination. We do everything in our power to ensure you arrive at work, stay and work and depart from work in the same healthy condition.

We take your Health and Safety so seriously, we have applied to have our systems accredited to AS/ANZ 4801 standard. Our systems and processes are world class and accredited by an external auditor in SAI Global.

Ticketed, Trades and Technical Specialists

Chelgrave are specialists, in plant maintenance and whole of life asset care and support. We are not a generalist recruitment agency. That means when you register and work with Chelgrave, our staff understand the roles and industry sectors in which you are seeking work and speak your language.

Our Management and Operational team are all qualified tradespersons. When we take on specific jobs from our clients, we know what questions to ask them to best understand the sort of person is required. We are experts at matching the correct person to the job. This ensures your experience with Chelgrave is satisfying and rewarding.

Whilst other companies employ recruitment consultants who don’t know the difference between a Fitter and a Machinist or a Planner and a Scheduler, the team at Chelgrave all have a Trade or Technical background. This means we have the expertise to identify the intricacies of each task. Our clients appreciate this difference and this is reflected on our long and successful relationships with some of Australia’s largest and most respected blue chip companies.

Payroll accuracy

The Chelgrave payroll department prides themselves on their outstanding accuracy rate. Our staff are intimately familiar with the various awards that apply in industry sectors in which we operate and are committed to making on-time and correct payments. But don’t take our word for it, seek out a Chelgrave employee and ask them if their pays are accurate and on time.

We come and get your timesheets and ensure they get to payroll on time. Alternatively our online electronic timesheets make recording hours worked, client approval and delivery to payroll a breeze.

Paying to correct awards and EBA’s

One of the aspects about being a specialist is being aware of the various awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements (EBA) that apply at various work sites. Chelgrave has its own EBA’s and we also understand the various Awards that underpin each agreement. You can be sure that your pay and conditions reflect the conditions stipulated for each work site.

Rather than working to undermine agreements or even ignoring EBA conditions to get the cheapest price possible and rip off workers, Chelgrave focuses on understanding whether a clients agreement is appropriate, or one of our own EBA’s apply then we’ll always pursue this option to ensure your get the correct pay and conditions. If you find something out that applies on a work site that we’ve missed, let us know and we will correct it, after all we’re humans just like you!

Casual, part time, fixed term or permanent employment

Chelgrave has roles to suit all work preferences. Whether you’re between jobs, looking for a casual or part time role, we can find roles to suit. For 33 years we have been offering our employees flexibility and various roles to suit their circumstances.

We even have permanent roles, and as a mater of fact, over 30% of our employees are retained on a permanent basis. This can be as a result of, either their commitment to a long-term assignment or simply because they enjoy moving from job to job, but all like the security of permanent employment. Permanency can have the added benefit of making it easier to apply for bank loans and the like.

Many of our Technical Staff are suited to fixed term contracts. The perfect example is where a client requires a project manager to commit to a 12 month role. Our letters of employment/engagement spell out the circumstance so that employees and our clients can benefit from clearly articulated periods of engagement.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When working with Chelgrave you will be supplied with all of your safety equipment. Whilst some agencies charge you a fee to supply or ask you to bring your own safety gear, at Chelgrave we supply it to you. Your safety equipment will be site or task specific and be replaced upon wear and tear basis. Our overalls, shirts and trousers or other specific clothing bear our company logo so you are suitably attired and everyone at a clients site know who you work for and you are a part of the Chelgrave team.

Variation of work

Our employees get to work in lots of interesting roles. We work in many different industries, from

  • Manufacturing sectors: FMCG/ Pharmaceutical , Steel, Petro / Chemical to Pulp & Paper
  • Mining sectors : Coal, Minerals to Oil & Gas and LNG
  • Utility sectors : Water, Power Generation and Gas
  • Infrastructure sectors: Ports, Rail etc

Career advancement

Many opportunities arise for our ticketed or trades employees to advance their careers further into a Technical role. For example, many of our tradesmen have progressed on to become planners, supervisors, project managers and technical writers. Check out our Qualification Framework or speak to us if you are interested in advancing your career or taking on new challenges. We have plenty of examples.

Stability and Experience

You can apply to work with Chelgrave secure in the knowledge that our company has been around for 33 years. Many fly-by-nighters have come and gone in that period and many never make it past the first 4 years in business. Chelgrave has a sound business plan and excellent work ethics. Our clients value our unique approach and this is reflected in our on-going success. We have even weathered a few recessions and downturns over that period and are as strong as ever and steadily growing. In fact financial year 2010/11 was the company’s record year for overall revenue.

You can join us safe in the knowledge that we are experienced and financially sound and without debt. Enjoy peace of mind whilst you pursue your career with Chelgrave.

No application fees here

We are astounded that some companies charge applicants a fee to register with them. Not here at Chelgrave. We value your application and will work to get you employed. Applying and working for Chelgrave is thorough but not difficult. You won’t find us asking you for a sign-on fee just to register or work with us.

Weekly visits to you

Whilst working for Chelgrave, we will drop out to visit each week on your work site. Whether to pick up your time sheet, change your soiled overalls, check out that everything is safe or to chat with you about any concerns, we make sure we come out to where the action is, on site where you are working.

Our Area Supervisors are out weekly, but also expect a visit from the management team from time to time. They also are expected to deliver some overalls and to visit site to deliver a Tool Box Talk (safety training) or perform a Safety Observation. Our staff are all down to earth and approachable with many of them having progressed from “off-the tools” to supervision and management roles.

Ethical and Professional

The application process today differs greatly from days gone by. Many companies use online applications simply as a method of gathering names and resumes to send to prospective clients and projects to secure work they don’t have, or without the permission of a candidate.

Chelgrave have a different model which delivers better relationships and knowledge of people’s specific skills and experience. Before submitting your details to any prospective clients, we contact you and agree your availability and gain your approval to submit your details. We protect your details and integrity.