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Chelgrave Contracting Australia Pty Ltd was founded in Melbourne in 1979, making us one of the longest established labour hire companies in Australia.


As a family run and operated business, Chelgrave prides itself on developing close relationships with clients and employees alike. It’s this personal attention to detail, combined with our extensive trade background, which gives us the edge over our competitors.

For more than 40 years, Chelgrave has supplied experienced Labour Solutions to meet both temporary and permanent requirements, as well as a variety of maintenance and shutdown solutions to a wide variety of clients and industries.

Chelgrave boasts a Technical department that provides Technical Professionals to clients across Australia. Chelgrave’s experienced Technical Professionals can provide Technical solutions to suit any needs.

Chelgrave specialises in Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, General Engineering.

At Chelgrave, we’re committed to ensuring that clients and employees are correctly matched, and our experience gives clients access to industry experts who have the ability to hit the ground running.


Why use Chelgrave?

As a foundation member of the Victorian Labour Hire Group and other industry associations we understand the need to be accurate in all employment information.

A key aspect of our business model is that of “Risk Mitigation” for our clients. It is partly for this very reason, that long-standing relationships with key customers have endured the test of time. By ensuring that staff conditions, wage payments and licensing are in accordance with relevant Awards, Agreements or law, we can attest to minimal employee angst, thereby preventing issues escalating into disruptive activity.

The adage of “The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory”, is particularly relevant and easily applied when costly adverse campaigns affect business.

This comfort level of our clients has translated into beneficial, long lasting relationships and major contracts with the likes of;

  • Bluescope Steel Limited
  • Oceania Glass
  • Asahi Beverages
  • Lion Dairy and Drinks
  • BOC Gases

Points of Difference

Chelgrave’s attention to detail and personalised service is what makes us different to other companies.

  • We care about our clients and employees' work place safety and welfare;
  • Site safety audit completed prior to starting assignments;
  • Weekly site visits to ensure any PPE, safety or quality issues are resolved;
  • Employee assessments and auditing;
  • We ask questions, we really want to know what skills you require;
  • Our ability to match a skill with a requirement, but more importantly able to match an employee with a client;
  • Our interviewing and checks of employees;
  • Our operational knowledge in HR and IR fields;
  • Our Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Accreditations;
  • Chelgrave representatives visit or contact clients' sites regularly;
  • Company uniforms delivered weekly;
  • Payroll and invoicing on time and accurate;

The Maintenance Specialists

Chelgrave has been providing maintenance services for more than 40 years. During this time, Chelgrave has managed hundreds of high- volume projects and, as a result, has extensive experience designing and implementing maintenance solutions for our clients.

Chelgrave provides standard levels of maintenance solutions to cater for the different needs of each client and project, such as:

  • Labour Hire: We supply a flexible labour workforce to meet your needs under client direction and supervision.
  • Supervised: We supply a flexible labour workforce and Supervision as required to oversee our workforce.
  • Managed: We supply the labour, supervisors to oversee our workforce and staff to plan and manage the entire project, as required all completed safely, on time and in a cost-effective manner.
  • Individual solutions can be tailored to suit our clients requirements.

All of the above solutions are provided whilst maintaining an effective line of communication with our clients.

Chelgrave can supply contracted works and the above solutions for a variety of industries.

Contracted Services

Some clients request options other than maintenance that could be performed under such as: a schedule of rates arrangement, agreed hours or be performed as a fixed price sum.

In addition to our standard services, we are able to manage and deliver projects as required.

Labour Hire

Labour Hire is commonly used to meet flexible staffing requirements for projects, plant maintenance, production, and/or engineering needs generated by increased workloads or to simply replace permanent personnel who are absent from work for any reason.

Supplying qualified, committed and reliable tradespeople has been the foundation of Chelgrave since the first day we opened our doors more than 40 years ago.

We are proud that all of our Operations Team are fully qualified in HR or trade. This means that we understand trades and the importance of using quality personnel in the workplace. We know the difference between a Welder and a Boilermaker, a Turner and a Toolmaker, and all the aspects of Fitters, Electricians and Instrument Technicians.

When it comes to labour hire, Chelgrave has long been considered the specialists. This is a result of our decision to focus specifically on qualified and experienced personnel. All of our personnel are subject to Chelgrave’s stringent in-house checks to ensure that they are considered “Chelgrave ready” and, subsequently, “Client ready”.

Technical Staff

Engaging the services of an experienced, qualified, and competent Technical Professional can be one of the most challenging tasks facing Australian businesses today.

In these competitive conditions, Chelgrave’s Technical Staff division has flourished. Our search and selection process is second-to-none and we take the time to ensure that the skills-set of our candidates match those outlined by the client. Our knowledge, systems and negotiating skills have led potential clients and staff at our door. At Chelgrave, we invest the time to fully understand a client’s requirements so that expectations are always exceeded. When you need a Technical Professional, talk to the industry leaders.

Technical Professionals are available on contract or permanent placement.

  • Engineers – Project & Design
  • Drafting – Project & Design
  • Supervisory and Management
  • Technical and Scientific

Shutdowns Specialists

For 40 years, Chelgrave has positioned itself as the Shutdown Specialist, providing services to some clients for more than 30 years.

Chelgrave prides itself on delivering an unrivalled service for any Shutdown—no matter how big or small, Chelgrave can handle it all.

For all shutdowns, Chelgrave provides not only experienced tradespeople to complete the work, but also planners and supervisors to ensure that all projects are completed on time, on budget, and with minimum fuss. It is this know-how that comes from decades of experience that makes Chelgrave the correct choice for all Shutdown solutions.

Shutdown Maintenance

Chelgrave provides shutdown maintenance where a small or large workforce may be mobilised for any period of time.

The provision of such services may include the organisation of planning, accommodation, equipment, materials, etc.


The Management Team

• Steven Ellery – Chief Executive Officer
• Mark Hale – National General manager
• Rob McGrillen – General Manager Technical
• Phil Grant – Industrial Relations Manger
• John Wynne – QEHS Manager
• Simon Donald – Western Port Manager
• Allie Hunter – Office Co Ordinator / Payroll