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Certified Systems

Chelgrave has a system of management that is certified to recognised standards, these being: ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 45001 for Health and Safety and ISO 14001 for Environment.


We are also authorised to provide labour hire services, licence number: VICLHL02148.

Operating to these standards ensures the personnel we provide are first class, all safety aspects are considered with each assignment and we are able to support our clients in their environment responsibilities.


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Zero Harm

Our Zero Harm philosophy aims to build a positive culture of safety in all Chelgrave workplaces to help reduce the number and severity of workplace health and safety incidents.

The concept of zero harm means no harm to anyone, anytime, while at work. While some arguably contest the feasibility of zero harm, nonetheless, conceptually, Chelgrave aspire towards this as the ultimate goal.

Industry leaders play a vital role in achieving Zero Harm and Chelgrave considers itself to be a leader in its field. Through committing to share innovation, knowledge, and experience with others, Zero Harm attributes demonstrated in the workplace can make a significant contribution in raising the standards of workplace health and safety.

Introduction of Take 5, employee assessment’s, site safety audit’s all play their part in Zero Harm.