Apprenticeships @ Chelgrave – The Practical Path to Success

Apprenticeships @ Chelgrave – The Practical Path to Success

Chelgrave, we are committed to the further development of skills in the industry. To boost apprentice numbers in our business and in industry in general, we have worked with our contracted clients to increase the number of new apprentices with some excellent results.

Our rigorous recruitment process saw candidates sit aptitude tests, attend assessment centres and front up for a panel interview; a very daunting experience for most, however all applicants were well-prepared, enthusiastic and gracious. It was truly an inspiring and heartening experience meeting such passionate and articulate young people.

We also found during the selection process that a lot of adult applicants had wished they had pursued an apprenticeship straight out of school, however, were instead encouraged to undertake a university degree believing they would have more career options and make more money.

So we set about trying to understand why so many young Australians were not considering a trade. A university degree (regardless of whether you complete it) costs from $6,000 – $10,000 a year, statistics show only 73.6% of students complete their degree and of those that do complete it, the number of bachelor degree graduates in full-time employment is only 69% (Graduate Careers Aust., 2015) Lets compare that to an apprenticeship;